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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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just minutes away from black friday, and although many stores opened early for some shopping, hundreds of people are lining up outside of best buy in union city. scott is there live. what's the hot item everyone's waiting for? >> reporter: there's a lot of different things! but the biggest thing i'm hearing is a
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toshiba hd tv 40-inch for under $200. this line is really, really long! hundreds and hundreds of people have been lining up here in front of this best buy. this line goes all the way around the building. i know it's hard to see, but it goes all the way around. some of the folks at the front have been waiting in line since early tuesday morning! you can also see as i pan over here, union city police are out here on standby. i did talk to several people in the line in the front and the back, and they had mixed reactions toing out here -- toing to being out here. >> it was raining tuesday, it's been crazy, i got soaked. >> what was it like celebrating thanksgiving here? >> it was really different because you're not with the family. you just -- they bring you a plate, and you just got to sit and eat it. >> you wanted a laptop. do you have any chance? >> i honestly feel like i don't, but i'm going to pray that i do
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>> so you don't mind sitting here? >> well, my butt hurt, but besides that, no. >> we've been here since 7:00. >> is it worth it to got a good deal? >> i think it is, especially in this economy. >> the 40-inch toshiba. >> i want a tv, it's like $180. >> there's a lot of people in front of you that want it too. >> they're going to have to fight me for it. >> reporter: everybody trying to get their hands on that tv. the doors are going to open up here at midnight. and you can believe it's going to be a mad dash in there. people all over the bay area are trying to beat the rush by getting some shopping done tonight. and many stores are offering some pretty good deals. an ipod touch going for $149. this 50-inch tv $339, half off.
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the manager says there's even more bargains not listed in the store's ad. he will be handing out cliff bars to shoppers to give them more energy after waiting outside for several hours. >> we're trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone shopping today and as safe as possible. we'll be passing out ads so everybody knows what's on sale, and they'll be able to see it. you can text with this code her or text target, more tvs to this number here. and it'll give you all the pricing for the surprise door-busters that we have. >> reporter: michael got the first spot in line. he has his eye on this flat-screen. >> i know it's going to be cold. i had my breakfast, i'm good >> is it worth it? >> i think it is. >> reporter: kit katy just moved here from north dakota. he's used to waiting outside target on black friday in the snow! >> it's nice where it's not freezing and you don't need hot
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cider. >> reporter: a few blocks from here is the target store in daly city. there was a handful of people waiting there. he got the first spot at 6:30 am. >> i was trying to get a camera. i wanted to make sure that i got it this time. last time i tried to get a tv, and that didn't work out as well. >> those were just some of the countless retailers opening their doors early with plans to entice shoppers with door-busters. >> reporter: it may be thanksgiving day, but people were out shopping for black friday deals. many stores were closed, but old navy and the gap in emeriville were open all day. people were on the hunt for discounts.
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>> reporter: old navy's discounts don't start till midnight. >> i just wanted to spend some money on something. >> reporter: once the doors reopened, there'll be giveaways like this nintendo w >> mike: i. >> i have to come back with my family and stuff. >> reporter: the sales started on tuesday, and customers have been grabbing items before they disappear. >> i got to get it before everyone else does, before the inventory goes away >> no traffic, no crowd. it's quiet, and you have enough time to make -- see what you can buy. 60% off, 40% off, what else do you need? >> reporter: not everyone knew the gap sales already hit, but they were grateful. >> we just came here on the fly, and they have 40% off everything >> we don't have family here.
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so we are are out here shopping and watching movies! it's a good gift, 60% off. >> reporter: the stores will reopen at midnight with door-buster deals. and they're expecting lines around the block. volunteers of the bay area rescue mission were busy serving meals today. more than 300 free thanksgiving dinners were handed out to people receiving help at the rescue mission in richmond as well as families from the surrounding community. no one was turned away. the mission typically serves men fighting addiction. on thanksgiving, families were treated to turkey, stuffing, green bean, mashed potatoes and gravy. >> i'm not working. it really helps getting something to eat. >> it's been a rough year, but things are definitely looking up. and the mission has helped me a lot. >> the mission also gave out free turkeys. the nonprofit has been giving meals out during the
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holidays for more than 16 years now. and another tradition, a thanksgiving meal is given to thousands of people in need at the memorial church. they are seeing a rise in the number of elderly people needing help. >> they really struggle. fixed incomes, they're spending most of their money on housing. and so we're really seeing a lot more seniors every year. that's always surprising. >> the tradition has been taking place at this church for decades. and this year it expects to serve between 5 5,006,000 turkey and ham -- 5,000 to 6,000 turkey and ham dinners to those in need. 65 in san rafael, in red wood city, 66 degrees as well,
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65 in concord. our current conditions, we are expecting chilly conditions in the overnight hours thanks to clear skies overhead. it's already 42 in fairfield, 47 in san mateo. do expect those chilly conditions tomorrow morning. warmer conditions after that, including through this weekend. coming up, a heartwarming holiday homecoming. the emotional reunion between a young girl and her father. >> later in sport, san francisco's aaa football championship comes right down to the wire. and a big day for cal running backs, and coaches gone wild!
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at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city,
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supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger.
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a massive deadly pile-up in
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texas forces an interstate to close for hours. on happened about 80 miles east of houston. an estimated 100 vehicles were involved. two people die died. 120 were injured. you can see just how large of an area the accident site is. there was extremely dense fog at the time of the accident. several tractor trailers were involved. vehicles were just on top of each other. this is a chain reaction accident. the people who passed away were hit from behind in their suv by a tractor trailer. eastbound lanes were closed for more than eight hours today. if you liked today, you are really going to like this weekend!
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a military family in las vegas was just about to celebrate another thanksgiving without their dad who was in afghanistan. that is until he surprised them and came home early! >> reporter: it was just another dance practice at bunker dance studio for young riley morse. one last rehearsal until another thanksgiving without her
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dad who was on a 14-month tour of duty in afghanistan. then the best move of the night! he walked through the door. and the music turned into tugs on the heart strings. [ cheering and applause ] [ crying ] >> reporter: the reunion was multiplied as the other came in the room. the only one in on the surprise was mom. >> military kids take a lot. they don't always get -- they get all the bad, not always the good. just to give them this gift, excitement, hard to pull
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it off, but it was good. >> it was pretty awesome. he's gone through an awful lot, but the times he's here, it's worth it. >> it would have been special anytime, but just a little more special during the holidays. >> together, safe, and for one little girl, being able to look her father in the eye and wrap her arms around him >> the best dad. the chow line was extra special for american servicemen and women in afghanistan. senior leaders from the 1st infantry division served dinner to the troops at the airfield. if you liked today's weather, we are going to be enjoying similar weather conditions through the weekend. clear skies tomorrow, saturday, sunday, temperatures warming both tomorrow and saturday,
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cooling a little bit on sunday afternoon. the downside will be the cool mornings we'll have to see. high pressure building in, this is pushing the storm track to the north. we're going to continue to see clear skies which does mean cool temperatures in the morning, and warmer conditions in the afternoon. hierz look at your morning -- here's a look at your morning lows. 39 in concord, 40 for livermore, 41 in half moonbay, 42 for fremont. warming up nicely. 72 in los gatos. for our inland valleys, the upper 60s and low 70s tomorrow afternoon. 60s for the east bay shores. low 60s along the coastline, hitting 65 in san francisco, and mainly upper 60s for the north bay. also dry for
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the sierra. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow and saturday. no snow in sight over the next few days. but still a few resorts that are open. tahoe, kirkwood, and sugarbowl all up and running. your extended forecast, warmer weather the next couple of day, cooling a little bit early next week, but still on the mild side as we head into the end of next week, a chance of showers returns to the forecast. black friday deals begin tonight! most retailers and e-tailers are beginning their deals by 9:00 pm. if you're looking for it and it's electronic, now is the time to buy it. sears is selling the barnes and noble nook simple touch e-reader for $40. that's a great deal, a great reader.
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toys r us will give you an itunes gift card. best buy is selling samsung's tablet for just $180. walmart will be selling the wii. they have an hd blu-ray player for $88. my all-time favorite tech gadget will be on sale, the roku xs2 hd streaming box willing discounted to $80. it's the easiest and best way to watch netflix streaming, hulu, or amazon instant video. target will have a ps3-bundle. two games and a wi-fi controller for $200. and they will have a
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similar x-box bundle. amazon is the price for any new hot android phone. almost all the phones will be 1 penny with a two-year contract. and amazon will have the cannon wireless all in one ink jet photo printer for $63. that's a good deal. and this is not an electronic, but it's a great online deal for our champs. will offer $8 tickets to 2013 giants games. tune in at 6:00 pm tonight, i'll show you the hottest deals on tvs and ipad. lots of scoring and bizarre plays in the nfl. jason has highlights straight ahead. plus a champion is crowned in the annual turkey bowl!
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into their work, their name on the door, and their heart into their community. small business saturday is a day to show our support. a day to shop at stores owned by our friends and neighbors. and do our part for the businesses that do so much for us. on november 24th, let's get out and shop small.
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the 89th annual turkey bowl. 4th quarter, 14 all,
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mission's armanni mcfarlane, lincoln cuts escort to 1 with 22 seconds left. and the 2-point conversion, and the win, and it pays off. lincoln wins 22-21 for their second straight city championship and 8th overall. yesterday it was leaked that collin kaepernick will start for the ninerce sunday in new orleans. today -- '9ers sunday in new orleans. today, they are denying that any decision has been made. the quarterbacks split the reps in practice today. and there's reports he might not have been medically cleared to play. espn is reporting he has been. stay tuned. three nfl thanksgiving day game, and a ton of offense. tom brady and the patriots at the new york jets. brady had
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323 yards passing. and how bad are the jets? sanchez wants the handoff, nobody there. sanchez runs into his own play, fumble, and steve gregory goes the other way for the patriots. 10 seconds second, joe mcknight gets popped, out comes the ball, and edelman says thank you very much, takes it in for the score. patriots win 49-19. the redskins at the cowboys, that's deangelo hall of the redskins with an upper cut to dez bryant who really wants to throw, but he thinks better of it. robert griffin iii, his 4th touchdown pass of the game to niles paul, that would pretty much ice it! 311 yards with those 4 touchdowns. redskins win 38-31. and texans versus the lions. running back justin forsett, looks like he's tackled, but the whistle never
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blew. he goes 81 yards for the touchdown. detroit coach throws the red flag even though he's not allowed to do that. the flag negated the booth review. an odd rule, to say the at least. shane graham kicks the game-winning 32 yarder. 34-31 texans in overtime. mike montgomery and the bears taking on drake in a directv classic. allen crab hits the 3-ball from the corner. they go on a 14-2 run. cal wins 73-70. in anaheim, st. mary's
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wins 76-64. and stanford versus missouri in the bahamas, under a minute to go, 70-66 missouri. the lay-in, missouri wins 78-70. that out of college basketball tonight. >> thanks for watching.
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